One-to-one marketing (also known as 1:1 marketing) is a customer relationship (CRM) strategy that emphasizes personal interactions with customers. It has been around for approximately fifteen years, but with a rise of technology, it’s created a new world of marketing strategies that are highly effective when used properly. With the rapidly growing adoption of mobile devices and tablets, in addition to steadfast use of social media, it allows organizations to reach customers wherever they are. They now have the opportunity to engage with customers on a new level.


Companies are now targeting to reach customers on the new-age channels of communication: E-mail, the Internet, social media, and mobile. Let’s take a look into each of those and best practices.


Personalize your e-mails  E-mail personalization used to be focused on variable tags, such as inserting the recipient’s first name or the company name. However, today we can now use marketing automation nurturing that is geared towards buyer interests and stages of the sales cycle. With advanced tracking and analytics, we can send the most optimal content when we know what the buy is looking for and exactly when they need it.


Think mobile  The idea of 1:1 marketing is that it’s all about the customer, but with technology today, the customer is on their smartphone. Smartphone adoption increases every year, so it can no longer be ignored by marketers and their campaign strategies. Marketers need to make sure their websites, landing pages, and e-mail are all optimized for mobile devices, otherwise they’re missing out on valuable opportunities.


Leveraging social media  Alongside with mobile devices, social media is the next up-and-coming channel to research and communicate with customers. Through social media, there is a cluster of information about your customers you can use to better tailor your marketing to them.


Targeting across the Internet  Personalizing your messages isn’t limited to just social media and e-mail. Dynamic content and targeted advertisements allows you to fully utilize 1:1 marketing. With dynamic content and targeted ads, you have the ability to display specific pieces of content based on the user’s browsing history. This allows for complete personalization to your buyers’ preferences, ensuring that you’re providing the most relevant and engaging information.

One-to-One Marketing

Technology has created a new world of marketing strategies
for one-to-one marketing that are highly effective when used properly.