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Designed to take your data

Data Analytics

Avanzado specializes in studying the use of data for decision making, program evaluation, process measurement and organizational performance. With over 20 years of analytical expertise and a PhD in Mathematical Psychology, our in-house Analytics Consultant has participated in programs that have benefitted the Automotive, Health Care and Education industries alike. He has also been pivotal in implementing measurement systems for customer loyalty that have been applied to direct marketing and competitive analysis.

Data Hosting

Avanzado supports all forms of ftp and http form posts, as well as web-services. Our in-house programming staff can facilitate the functionality of API as well.

Our core philosophy is working with our client’s data to enhance personalization to the digital direct mail experience. We have successfully developed, launched, and fulfilled personalized communications driven by data. We currently host and manage over 50,000,000 data records in-house.

List Services

We often run into the situation where our client either doesn’t have a customer database or they want to prospect for new customers. No problem. Avanzado interfaces with a myriad of online list service providers. We also provide data mining to target your promotion to the proper demographic group, business segmentation by SIC code to ensure correct channeling of information, data cleansing to remove duplicate or invalid information and CASS certification to eliminate returned mail.

Asset Management

The Digital Asset Management tool allows categorization and storage of advertising and marketing assets. This tool is used to categorize the assets within the Ad Builder Tool. End users can use the tool to search and then customize, or download assets. We can also incorporate a viewing hierarchy so you can control who has visibility to specific assets. Download/use of the assets, within the Digital Asset Management Tool, is also tracked for detailed reporting.

Designed to take your data